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About Us

Albano & Associates, P.L.C., is more than just a Certified Public Accounting firm!

Founded by J. Michael Albano in 1979, the firm offers a broad range of professional accounting services that includes:

  • Financial Statement Auditing;
  • Accounting System Design;
  • General Accounting Services;
  • Income tax planning and preparation;
  • Personal Financial Planning; and
  • Management Advisory Assistance.


We are committed to maintaining a level of client satisfaction and individualized attention that keeps earning the respect and continued patronage of our clients.


Our primary objective is in furnishing our clients with quality professional service to meet their needs and expectations. To this end:

  • We continue to develop extensive review procedures, an expansive tax and accounting library, and other quality control procedures that separate our firm from the "norm".
  • We tailor our services to our client's unique needs, providing sophisticated services and techniques, as the situation requires.
  • We continue to develop a network of renowned professionals in law, insurance, investment and other professions to assist in solving our client's questions.


We design our client's programs accordingly.


We also provide services to non-profit organizations. Our experience in servicing these areas enables us to work closely and continuously with our clients in all financial and tax matters.

Our goal, always, is to provide professional service and close personal attention for our clients. We strive to be responsive to our clients, advising our staff to look beyond the typical tax, audit and compliance work to assist our clients in achieving their goals. We stress in-depth involvement with the client's needs, and strive for continued development of professional staff to provide the best service available.

Albano & Associates, P.L.C. has extensive experience in serving entrepreneurial and small business organizations. From monthly payroll and bookkeeping services, the preparation of individual, partnership, LLC, and corporate returns to compilations, reviews and audits of financial statements, we



Our Philosophy

A PROFESSION is defined by its set of professional standards.

The standards established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and other governing bodies serve as the minimum standards for the accounting firm of Albano & Associates, P.L.C.

While these are our minimum standards, the firm believes that Biblical principles are the highest standards for which we shall strive in the conduct of our business.

We are a service organization.

  • As a firm, we continually strive to provide the highest quality of service to clients, giving them our constant attention.
  • We represent the term "quality service". We have not forgotten that our clients define the term "quality".
  • The firm will endeavor to employ qualified staff and keep them properly trained, supervised, compensated and motivated.
  • In matters that are beyond our present professional capabilities, the firm will use nationally recognized consultants to addresss clients' needs.
  • We believe "People do not care what we know until they know we care."
  • We are committed to maintaining an environment that emphasizes the enjoyment for our staff of being in the workplace.
  • We believe this commitment can be achieved only by recognizing both the spiritual and material needs of every employee.
  • We believe the spiritual needs of our staff members to be:
    • An office climate which allows our personnel to fully develop and to use their talents;
    • A promotion of mutual respect and care among all levels of staff;
    • The management of stress;
    • The recognition of the importance of family in each staff member's life.
  • We believe that our firm will continue to grow.
  • We will serve even the smallest client, employing our "highest standards." Today's small client can become tomorrow's large client! They deserve our best efforts.


This is a business.

  • Our goals for our employees, clients and communities cannot be met without first making a reasonable profit.
  • We will strive for excellence in all that we do - following Biblical principles and that "highest set of standards."